Blog #2 : Summer weather

New start of the week with new opportunities.  Few days of work and then Roadburn Festival where I wrote about in my previous blog. I give the blog numbers and not names this is my new way of writing. it might happen that i will add a header but not at the moment.

EC112O007-K11@10 (2)Today wasn’t a day as planned initially, a BBQ was on the program, but got cancelled. I went instead to the city center to find and get new shoes for a wedding of a friend. After a few weeks of looking i found these nice Ecco Ennio shoes. 

No sure if i had some ecco’s in the past when i was younger but i had them probable.. These shoes felt comfortable to wear. Of course i need to walk with them couple of times to feel them better before i have to wear them for a longer period of time. I can wear this shoes also to my work.  A nice casual looking shoe.

Today it was also a summer day compared to the previous days and upcoming week. I hope this weather will be there again on Thursday till Monday. 

Garden is done with that i mean maintenance. I have to get some more greens in my garden and start over with some vegetables.. Tomatoes worked well in my garden.

Don't enjoy the day like yesterday. A new day gives new moments in life.