Blog #1 : New start & Roadburn

Personal Message:

I’ve been trying to improve my website for a while. Not sure what i wanted to do with it.

Lack of motivation to write the blog or add pages about some interesting subjects to me.  I hope can write some more in the upcoming weeks. Add some travel stories from my pass trips. What i liked about the country i visited or disliked.

Design wise of my website will get some extra attention.  I think to add the technical posts of a different blog to my website. to combine it to 1 central area.

I have now this website and my current tech blog http://glazenbakje.wordpress.com

In the past month / year I’ve been busy with my work and trying to find myself. It’s difficult sometimes to get back to the point where you have the feeling this is right. I was almost there last year that I got satisfied with my feeling, but unfortunately it didn’t last very long. Now in the new year with some new opportunities it’s going slowly and hope to get back to where I was before.

April is for the past years a month of joy, upcoming festivial which was pretty unknow approx 10 years ago. I got introduced to it by some Portuguese couch-surfers. i joined them on 1 day. Years after not paying attention to it. I got introduced it again by friends of a couch-surfer. They convinced me to join and for that year (2013) and the year after I joined them on the Sunday (Roadburn Afterburn)

Since 2015 I’ve participated Roadburn every year the full 4 days. It will be this year the 5th anniversary that I participate the full festival.