Attic update.. DIY

This project is already for some time on my mind, but I didn’t have the idea. How it was going to be. Now i have a design in my mind and I started with the basics of my closet.

ground setup

Since I’ve finished my painting. I started with a new project. I’m making a closet for the attic. To hide my stuff which i want to keep out of side for people. Who visit me and stay for a night or more.

Base setup

The basics went quite fast to build, how ever I noticed i had to add some extra support for the back. Now I’m thinking how to manage this solution. I think I add a back panel but it’s around 164cm by 90cm. But that will be to heavy to grab it my self. There will be a solution to make a panel of 164 by 45cm and then layer it up.

For now I leave it in this state and hope I can update with a new post about my attic project..

basic setup
level up basic setup