A moment to write

It’s been a while that I wrote a post on my website. Due circumstances I haven’t been writing for a wile. Partly related with my job and finding the time to write something.

Of course there should be a subject to write about to start writing. Lately it’s crazy at my work and i’m trying to find my rest to get everything back in order. How ever this is a challenged. everyone has a customer you don’t want to face down or you get to annoyed with that. In the past weeks it happened multiple times. It takes a lot of energy and your concentration to focus on other important subjects fail.

Does it look I need a new holiday or reload. Yes this seems to be right thinking to change the job cycles work 1 day and be free rest of the year. In the end this will be boring too.

To reduce the focus on my work, I changed it to something else. I started to do some attic projects. first last year I started to pain the walls and the sealing. After this pain job i made a cabinet.

Got questions to buy a cabinet, but i wanted to make my own cabinet as matter of time I finished it and shortly after I made a new one. Which is finished at the moment. It the home improvement done, well no, I can start in the garden to clean that part. But this will wait after the middle of march.

No pictures this time… I’m keeping the post clean, like my attic to reduce the goods i have at home.. You can live in a small apartment to live minimalism but you can try to do it in a big house too..

The bigger the house the more shit you have.. In general this is true. So i try to do the opposite . big house small living. it’s going to be a challenge….

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