2018 in a nutshell

In this blogs I will write about my year in 2018.

I traveled a lot in 2018, countries as Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Czech Rep., Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and in the end Russia to make this year complete.

A year on train speed

2018 brought love into my life. Step by step we are working on it. To grow to a bigger moment.

Great moments spending an other year on roadburn with some incredible individuals. Japan was a crazy ride. One big theme park in real.


June a new family member, July great and lovely moments in Greece. August was time to spend some time in Lithuania.

September was a travel month Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria was on the way. A big road trip in a short period of time.

December went fast, this month brought some change. A new country to visit and spending new year with my beloved one.

Hungarian and Slovakian border

New years eve I spend near the red square. We were on to able to get on the red square. We stayed behind the Saint Basil cathedral, where we had a good view on the fireworks.

Hope everyone had a good time and looking forward for the new year.